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Keyless locking system

Get automated access control with our keyless locking technology.


Our locks

We support almost all types of doors and cutouts. Our locks can be tailored to your door with our selection of backplates, Euro or Scandinavian carving.

Modern Key Management System for the Hotel Industry

A groundbreaking automatic solution tailored specifically for the hotel industry. It revolutionizes access control and security in hotels, ensuring an exceptional guest experience

Benefits for the Hotel Industry

  • Enhanced Guest Experience.

  • Allows hotel staff to manage access remotely, reducing administrative overhead.

  • Customized Guest Services.

  • Reduces the need for physical key cards and maintenance.

  • Front Desk Operations: Expedite check-in and check-out processes for a smoother guest experience.

  • Ensure secure and convenient access to guest rooms.

  • Manage access to pools, fitness centers, and other hotel amenities.

  • VIP Services: Provide customized access for VIP guests and meeting rooms.


Key Features

  1. Securely delivers pin codes via email, SMS, mobile app, or Bluetooth to hotel guests.

  2. Utilizes cloud-based locks that can be remotely programmed and monitored.

  3. Allows hotels to assign multiple keys for guest rooms, catering to various guest preferences.

  4. Ideal for ensuring flexibility in accommodating different guest needs.

  5. Enables hotel management to allocate access levels for guest rooms, main entrances, and shared areas.

  6. Easy Installation with QR Codes:

  7. Employs energy-efficient Bluetooth chips, guaranteeing extended battery life up to 5 years.

🌐 Flexible Access, Unlimited Possibilities:

✔️ Key: The traditional key meets modern technology for seamless access.

✔️ Code: Simple numeric codes give you control with ease.

✔️ Tag (RFID): Stay ahead with a contactless entry experience.

✔️ App: Open doors with a push via our user-friendly mobile application.

✔️ Web App: Automate and manage accesses and unlock doors anywhere, anytime.

✔️ IP-Link: Share links and QR codes for remote control of doors.

⏰ Advanced Time Management and Automation with Apple Shortcuts:

🕒 Plan access based on times and days of the week.

🚪 Automate door opening and closing at specific events.

📱 Integration with Apple Shortcuts gives you even more control.

🚀 Innovation as Protector:

Advanced encryption for the highest level of security.

Smart alerts keep you informed of any access event.

Easy integration with existing security systems.

🏠 For Businesses and Homes:

Customizable access levels for employees and guests.

Exclusive access reporting for better security management.

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Cloud-based access control with easy-to-install locks


Effortless Control and Sharing of keys

Intuitive and user-friendly control panel. Create tags, add or remove  users, generate PIN codes for locks with ease! Thanks to our cloud-based system, sharing access is a smooth and uncomplicated process.

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Integrate proven reliability and recognized stability into your business operations, elevating functionality and performance beyond the limitations of traditional keys. No need for software installation, boasts remote management capabilities, and offers limitless integration potential. 


Multiple door-opening methods

Code or App!

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  • Housing association
    Commercial building



Streamlined Lock Control

This platform is accessible online from remote locations, enabling you to easily share access and keys from anywhere! Simply log in and grant access, observe how users effortlessly unlock doors through our mobile app.

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Lock Administration at your fingertips

  • Single Sign-On for All Systems.


  • Administer Multiple Buildings from a Single Account.

  • Control all your locks from the cloud.


  • Easily Add/Remove Keys and RFID Cards.


  • Monitor and review activity logs.


  • Manage Locks with Ease. 


  • Effortlessly share virtual keys for convenient access.


  • Unlock Using the App or pin code.



Upgrade your door control to the next level


Elevate your access control and door automation, to a whole new level with our cutting-edge electronic controller unit. Tailored for intricate installations, it seamlessly interfaces with a multitude of systems, including fire alarms, security alerts, door motors, and beyond. This comprehensive integration not only fortifies the security of your facility but also ensures the seamless automation of your doors for added convenience and efficiency.


Unlock a universe of compatibility

The controller unit has been enhanced to incorporate Wiegand 26 support, significantly broadening its functionalities to encompass code panels, RFID, and a wider array of options. The integration of the Wiegand protocol extends the unit's compatibility to a diverse range of devices for seamless communication. Should you have any specific requirements, please feel free to reach out to us without hesitation.

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Easy to connect to your local wifi system

This device allows for door automation and remote control, including motor control and a remote app. It comes with 12/24V power to connect electronic strikes, motors, magnetic locks, alarms, exit buttons, disability buttons and code panels for code input/RFID cards.

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Our gateway seamlessly communicates wirelessly with both the cloud and the locks, serving as the vital link that binds everything together

The gateway has a range of up to 100 meters. This means you can connect the gateway to a constant power source and then convert it into Bluetooth signals, which, in turn, communicate with the locks.

​Manage locks from anywhere in the world. You don't have to wait for the lock to wake up to receive an unlock signal. It happens instantly. If you block someone from a lock, it will happen immediately. When someone uses the lock, you will see it in the log instantly. You will be notified immediately if the lock is offline.

Locky mobile-app

Welcome to a simpler and keyless everyday life!

Nøkkelfri app på mobil

Security and convenience go hand in hand with our app. You no longer need to worry about losing your keys or locking yourself out. With our app, you can unlock your door with a simple touch, and you can trust that your home is safe and secure. Welcome to an easier and more convenient way to manage access to your home - welcome to our door locking app right from your phone

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