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Security and Comfort in One Code: Locky Tech and the Låsesenteret at Gaustadblikk

Gaustadblikk and Gaustad View Hotell take security to new heights with Locky Tech's innovative access control system. Now guests can enjoy a seamless experience with the help of a simple 4-digit code that gives access to the ski room, front door and hotel room.

The 4-digit code not only provides security, but also a convenience that makes your stay extra special. Let go of your worries and enjoy your holiday while Locky Tech takes care of your security.

The Låsesenter: Norway's Largest Locksmith Chain

Låsesenteret, proud partner of Locky Tech, is Norway's largest locksmith chain with 36 departments. Their expertise and dedication to safety make them the ideal choice for Gaustadblikk and Gaustad View Hotell.

As a reliable partner, Låsesenteret works hand in hand with Locky Tech to deliver not only products of the highest quality, but also a service that exceeds expectations. With a national network of branches, the Lock Center is always available to support and maintain the access control system for optimal performance.

Before and after picture

Door automation from Locky

The door automation is then connected to the fire loop so that in the event of a fire, the door will remain open as an escape route.

Future access control at Gaustadblikk and Gaustad View Hotell

Gaustadblikk and Gaustad View Hotell are proud to bring the future of access control to guests. With Locky Tech and the Lock Center, security, quality and convenience are just a code away. Experience the ultimate in safety and comfort during your stay at Gaustadblikk and Gaustad View Hotell!

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