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WIFI Gateway

Your Key to Digital Security - With Our Intelligent WiFi Gateway!


Always online with WIFI

Open up a world of simple and secure control over your locks with Locky's WiFi Gateway:

🏠 Centralized Lock Management: A simple platform to manage all your locks.

🛡️ Highest Security: Protect your home or business with advanced encryption.

📱 Remote control: Unlock or lock your doors from anywhere via your mobile.

🌐 Scalability: Add more locks to the network as needed.


Bluetooth low energi

Our locks communicate with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which is a wireless communication technology designed to minimize power consumption while maintaining wireless connectivity to the locks via the gateway. Therefore, the battery consumption of a Locky lock is extremely low compared to similar smart locks on the market.


Improved Security

🔒 Locky WiFi Gateway ensures solid security for your home or business. The system uses advanced encryption and authentication protocols, and gives you peace of mind and protection against unauthorized access.


Real-time alerts

📈 Stay up to date with real-time alerts that notify you of all activity related to the locking system. You'll always be up to date on who's coming and going, so you can maintain control.

Easy  installation

Gateway network EN.jpg
gateway instal EN.jpg


The correct placement of the gateway is extremely important when you have a locking system, for example in a large hotel or in an office building. Be sure to strategically place the gateways around the building in locations that provide good coverage for the locks. It is recommended to place them high, preferably close to the ceiling or hidden in the ceiling. Please note that building materials such as wood, concrete walls and steel doors can significantly reduce the signal strength of the gateway. This may require the installation of multiple gateways to ensure that all locks are able to stay online at all times.


Keep your locks online with our wireless gateway.



Open the door directly from your mobile. With our app, you get a simpler and keyless everyday life.


Door automation

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Hotell pms

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