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Hotel Pieksänlinna in Finland choose Locky tech

A historical landmark in the heart of Pieksämäki has been revitalized into a hotel, designed with sustainability in mind, catering to the needs of modern travelers seeking convenience.


The hotel is located in an old building known as Pieksänlinna - ’the Castle of Pieksä’ built 1941. Architecturally, the building represents the functionalist era, characterized by the idea that each part of the building serves a specific purpose to the best of its ability.


Pieksänlinna is a magnificent structure, its story intertwined with the history of Pieksämäki from the very beginning. The property is also an important part of Pieksämäki's Central Street, which holds significance in the national architectural and cultural environment.

Stunning surroundings, comfort-focused interior, and easy accessibility, make this hotel an absolute gem for the modern traveler. The hotel seamlessly combines both yesterday and tomorrow into a delightful experience.

Hotel opened in the spring of 2024 and serves its guests effortlessly, leveraging modern automation. ”Locky locks were a perfect choice for us. Our interior designer fell in love with the looks of locks at the first glance. Also technical aspects of Locky were just right for us because we wanted to have a modern, functional and an ’as easy to use as possible’ solution. Almost whole process is now automated thanks to Locky and its easy integration with our booking system.

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